Klub vojenskej histórie Svoboda is voluntary civil association of Czechoslovak military history advocates. Our activities fully comply with democratic principles, we follow the laws and legislation of the Slovak republic, as well as the country in which we perform our activities at the time. We are an independent and non-profit organization. We do not share nor identify with ideologies which are suppressing human rights, freedom and moral standards and we don't promote such either. Our activities are focused on the factual presentation of military history, military units and military subjects. We are not politically or ideologically active. We do not promote war and violence, on the contrary we denounce it. Our activities are performed in our free time using our own resources. We cooperate successfully with other military-history clubs, especially from Slovakia and Czech Republic. As a part of some of our activities we cooperate with various government institutions as well as museums, authorities of local government, civil protection or individuals and companies.

Členovia klubu vojenskej histórie Svoboda

Our club was officially founded by registering with the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic in 2011. However, many of our members have been performing military-historical activities in various other associations and organizations, or on their own, since 2004. Due to this fact, we have extensive experience in our activities. The main interest of the club is in Czechoslovak military history of the 20th century, but of course we’re open to other activities as well. We are one of the founding members of the 4th Shock Battalion, an organization which unites various clubs to present units of the 1st Czechoslovak army corps to quality standards adhered to by the military themselves. Our members occupy some of the key roles in its structure.

We regularly organize various cultural and social events focused on Czechoslovak military history. We collect various historical artifacts for their presentation and exhibitions. We actively meet with veterans from battles and rememberers of various historical events, trying to keep our oral and written history preserved for the future. We engage in research and publishing activities, focusing primarily on the unknown and forgotten fates of Eastern Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia.

We also collaborate on various historical projects to preserve the cultural heritage, history and legacy of our ancestors. We believe that by remembering and not ignoring the important and often very difficult events from our shared history and by safeguarding the heritage of our war veterans, we can help prevent the tragedies of the past from ever repeating.

The club is named after the army general Ludvík Svoboda, legionnaire, commander of Czechoslovak military units on the Eastern Front, later Minister of Defense and 7th President of Czechoslovakia.

On 26th of November 2016, the Memorial Day of the birth of Ludvík Svoboda in his hometown Hroznatín, our club was officially recognised as a historical military association named after him. It was signed by his daughter, Professor Zoe Klusáková-Svobodová.

Decree granted to KVH Svoboda by Proffesor Zoe Klusáková-Svobodová