Our current members are mainly from the surroundings of Košice and Žilina in Slovakia. At present, our club has 12 active members. A person may become a member of KVH Svoboda if he or she is over 18 years of age, has an interest in Czechoslovak history, meets the conditions specified in the club's statutes, and has personal aspirations to be a full member of the club.

Prerequisites include knowledge of history, a relationship to the army, knowledge of its operations, equipment, and weapons. Also, the ability to meet the equipment standards set by us, the ability to cope with discomfort during historical events, a positive attitude to nature and outdoor activities, enough free time and finances, good physical fitness and so on. Due to our main interests, members of the club have to speak either Slovak or Czech fluently.

We uphold high standards for our members, so we reserve the right to reject any membership application. In general, we prefer to keep our member-count low to promote close cooperation with a proactive attitude, rather than recruiting a large amount of members of different directions and qualities. As our activities are diverse, membership applications from people who are only interested in participating in public reconstructions will not be accepted. Each member should be involved in most of our club activities.
For serious candidates who are only interested in part of our activities, we can provide a sympathizer status. A sympathizer can be, for example, an investigator or collector who would like to cooperate with us in some projects, but is not interested in participating in events held in historical uniforms.