Early morning on 6th of October 1944 reconnaissance patrol of 2nd Field Battalion of 1st Czechoslovak Independent Brigade crossed near village Vyšný Komárnik borders of Czechoslovakia. During the day several Czechoslovak units crossed the border and immediately joined inland fights in the area. Meanwhile at the border new border pole was rebuilt together with triumphal arch and local residents welcomed our army with general Ludvík Svoboda in the front of it.

Klub vojenskej histórie Polom1 and Klub vojenskej histórie Svoboda* together with village Vyšný Komárnik, VHÚ Bratislava2 and with support of SPG Central Europe organized exact reconstruction of these moments.
Take a look how this symbolic non-fighting show of very important moment of our history, when our ancestors could finally say WE ARE AT HOME, looked like.

Photos by: Miroslava Mindárová and Peter Žoffčak
Photos have been taken with authentic, nearly 70 years old cameras Etareta and FED-1.


* Name of the organization freely translated as "Military History Club ..."

* Vojenský historický ústav Bratislava (Military History Institute Bratislava)