Between 1st and 7th of May 2017 our club participated in infantry march with other members of association of clubs "4th Shock Battalion", from the city of Považská Bystrica in Slovakia to village of Břest in Czech republic.

Infantry had to march more than 120 km while passing several villages and terrain points, such as Horná Mariková, Kohútka, Javorník at the Czechoslovak border. Descent through Papajské Sedlo to village Halenkov and continue on the route Hovězí, Vsetín, Hosťálková, Lukov, Fryšták, Holešov and Hulín until reaching the final point, village Břest. In the first days, infantry has been dealing with heavy rain, similarly as soldiers in 1945, what significantly made the march more difficult. Later on weather got better and we could present Czechoslovak army in the east front in all places laying on the route.

Infantry has been supported by motorized unit. Its members were responsible for preparations of food and accommodations. Other than that, it had to deal with different operational problems and occasional transfers of wounded soldiers to the next meeting point.

Photos by KVH Svoboda, Mirka Mindárová, Pavol Barteček