Our club, together with members of KVH Pravda víťazí, Spolek přátel odboje, KVH Karpaty Snina and KVH Polom prepared an interactive learning walkway in bunkers of 3rd Czechoslovak Brigade. Each bunker was occupied by a certain military unit, component or weapon of the army and soldiers with the help of visitors, presented there their specific activity.

Visitors could collect stamps from each post and stick them to a provided map. Those who collected stamps from all positions were rewarded with a little gift. Positions close to bunkers, were mainly devoted to rear military units and military services. Further in the forest were deployed combat positions and a hidden military observer.

In November 1944, the headquarters of the 3rd Czechoslovak Brigade of 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps were located in these bunkers. From there, the brigade controlled operations of its units, which at that time fought south of Nižný Komárnik at the elevation point Obšár and adjacent ridges.

Photos by: Lenka Smrčová, Ing. Jaromír Schneider