On Saturday, September 14, 2019, together with many others, we honored the memory of František Josef Geisler and attended the opening ceremony of the museum in his name. Lieutenant František Geisler died during the attack near the village of Pastwiska in Poland as commander of the submachine gunners squad, of the Command Company of the 2nd Paratrooper's Battalion of 2nd Czechoslovak Independent Paratrooper's Brigade. The memorial and museum are located only approximately 150 meters from where he died on September 18, 1944.

During the official ceremony we held an honor guard, dressed and armed in the original uniforms and equipment of the 2nd Czechoslovak Independent Paratrooper's Brigade. It was an honor for us to remember the Memory of Lt. Geisler.

More info about museum and about Lt. František Geisler is available at https://www.frantisekgeisler.com/museum/

Photos by: Rebeka Zalisz - Rebeka Zalisz Fotografia