On March 9, 2019 we commemorated the events of the liberation of the Valaská village by Romanian and Soviet soldiers by Matica* march to the memorial of fallen Romanian soldiers at hill Hnusné near the village.

Event started at the square of Valaská where the Slovak and Romanian anthem were played and after the speeches of village representatives and Matica slovenská representatives we all moved to the memorial of fallen Romanian soldiers, which is about 4 km far from the village. At the memorial, members of the Klub vojenskej histórie Svoboda held a guard of honor and carried a reverent act of putting wreaths to it.

We are honored to be able to participate in this event and hope to meet again soon in Valaská.

More info at http://matica.sk/maticny-pochod-vo-valaskej-2/ (in Slovak)
Photos by: Valaská village, Local branch of MS Valaská, Jozef Paulenka, Klub vojenskej histórie Svoboda

* "Matica" used in this context is a Serbian word and means "source" or "mother bee". In the context of "matrix = matica", it could be understood as an attachment, being linked to its Slavic predecessors and its Slavic history to its motherland.